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the festival of Taragalte


Join us for an unique experience at the gateway to the Sahara, three days of immersion in the nomadic way of life and to enjoy world music.

M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Zagora, Sud du Maroc

October/November 2022


Taragalte is a 3-day festival under the stars of the desert, in southern Morocco. During the festival, we celebrate culture, nomadic heritage and world music.


It is a question of reviving the “Moussem"; (ancient traditional festival) which, not so long ago, celebrated the departures and returns of the large caravans that criss-crossed the Sahara between M'Hamid and Timbuktu. The role of these caravans was not only a commercial objective, but also a crucial one in developing cultural exchanges between peoples.



New Year's Eve in the desert 2021/2022


Come and celebrate with us in the desert on New Year's Eve 2022!


campement au milieu des dunes au maroc

       NWe will organize your stay à la carte around the big night of December 31st:




Example of stay: from December 29 to January 3


Transfer from Marrakech, crossing the High Atlas, overnight in Ouarzazate and arrival at M'Hamid on December 30.

Various visits will be organized according to your interests during the trip.

3 nights in the kasbah Aladdin on the edge of the desert, and one night in a bivouac.

On December 31 we will take you to see the last sunset of 2021 on the dunes, you will participate in baking bread in the sand, and when you return to the kasbah a great night awaits you, of meeting and sharing, around a delicious mechoui and accompanied by the songs and dances of traditional nomadic folklore.


Rate based on 2 people in double rooms

transfer, full board during the whole stay               . 490 €/person (5 days)


Please contact us for a personalized quote. 





During this special stay you will be welcomed by Ali, surrounded by his family and his team.

They will share with you their Moroccan way of life in the zaouïa El Batha, a sacred land of the nomadic and oasis world, a land where the benevolent spirit of the Marabou ancestors is still there. She continues to transmit these mysteries, whose hospitality and kindness of strong souls are the most visible signs, signs that will protect your stay, and sometimes will fulfill your most secret wishes...

After all, Christiane and Claude, who are now part of the team, met there at the very beginning of 2018... wanting to share their experience with you, are they not the witnesses?

From the stopover in Marrakesh and during the transfer to M'Hamid, leave your habits, your tensions, your strains, your agitations, your past, your last conversations, your anxieties, your sorrows and your remorse as well as all these pains that you yourself have added to the hazards of life, leave all this behind your heels in the medina, behind every bend in the road, like little Thumb left his stones so as not to be cut off from his history, but also to go back to his tormentors... and, be sure they will stay there, that you will not pick them up on the way back!

Already the heart becomes lighter when you breathe in the light, yes,yes, you have read "you breathe in the light" correctly and you start to perceive that your mind stops when you let the breath manage to invade you completely, totally, absolutely, skin understood that drinks both air and light.

So, when the paved road stops to open on the camel roads at the Gates of the Desert, you will look at the Desert like a sailor looks at the sea: a hostile world that does not forgive anything when the winds animate it. For some, salvation will come from the port, for you from the oasis and the experience of the little Thumb.

Attentive, you will silently observe all the awakening senses as all your subtle perceptions are discovered to let you glimpse this unspeakable Wisdom who helps the marabouts of the zawiya to calm in harmony all the problems of the village.

Everything becomes sacred when our being invaded by the intensity of the present no longer knows how to harm the Other, what is impossible in the city is within reach in this zawiya that Ali wanted to open to all. Ali knows that this particular atmosphere fascinates all those who approach him, that the superfluous is harmful, that time no longer has a hold, that between the moment when the water of tea is brought in and the moment when the glasses are collected it may be an hour or two, it doesn't matter, the present and eternity are of the same nature... and your view of life will be changed...