adenture and spirituality in the heart of the Sahara desert

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 We offer you a wellness stay, based on the association of meditation and yoga with the therapeutic action of Gnaoua music and rituals in a unique setting: the desert.

“Walking is the best remedy for man”. This phrase, supposedly uttered by Hippocrates two thousand years ago, applies all the more to our troubled times.

We will associate it with the desert, where the superfluous disappears to give way to the search for oneself in communion with an indomitable nature. In this way, we are able to create the ideal conditions for a return to the basics, respecting the needs and possibilities of each individual with a view to freedom of practice.

Whether you are a believer or not, a materialist or an idealist, if you let your mind and heart free to escape throughout the journey, we assure you that this initiatory experience will have a profound influence on the course of your life.


Your itinerary


Day 1: Arrival Ouarzazate or Marrakech – Airport transfer – Accommodation Ouarzazate or Tisselday (depending on the program)

Day 2: Accommodation M’Hamid Kasbah Alladin

Day 3/4/5: Camel trek in the desert

Day 5: Accommodation Bivouac “The Charm of Aladdin” Chegaga

Day 6/7: Accommodation Mr Hamid Kasbah Aladdin


Included in the offer

> Reception of our representatives at the airport and transfer to and from the airport

> Transport in comfort off-road vehicle with driver/guide francophone

> Half board day 1

> Full board during the stay

> Accommodation for 1 night in Ouarzazate, or Tisselday

> Accommodation for 3 nights in M’Hamid, Kasbah Aladdin with a special evening Lila

> Accommodation for 1 night bivouac “The Charm of Aladdin” at the foot of the great dunes of Chegaga

> Trek 3 days in the desert with camel guide


Not included in the offer

> International flights

> Activities or excursions not mentioned in the programme

> Drinks

> Tipping


Price: Price in euro per person in double room

A minimum number of participants is required for this tour.

From 8 people you can choose your dates (according to our availability)

To participate individually or up to 8 people, you can register for one of our fixed-date offers.


Regular rate 1320 €/person (surcharge of 50€ per transfer from Marrakech)


                                                             SPECIAL OFFER  – 30%     924 €/person


Do not hesitate to consult us for single room rate or large group, or for any other information.


                                                              next stays in october and november



Practical information

You will be accompanied and taken care of at all times by an indigenous team with extensive experience in accompanying travellers.

The person in charge Ali is a descendant of the marabout at the origin of the Zaouia Zaouite el Batha and inherited its charisma. A great fan of meeting and sharing, he will listen to you to make your stay a unique experience within an ancestral culture.

A yoga teacher will accompany you throughout your stay.

The trek in the desert is feasible for all healthy people. The guides and camels take care of the whole organization and adapt easily to the needs of the participants. Instructions regarding your personal belongings will be given to you depending on the time of your trip.



your program

The tour starts in Marrakech or Ouarzazate depending on your arrival airport.

Day 1- first night in the oasis of Fint 12 km from Ouarzazate
We will pick you up at the airport or your residence to take you to your first stop. The verdant valley of Fint, nestled in arid mountains of black volcanic rocks, is dotted with palm groves, carefully cultivated gardens, villages with traditional mud houses perfectly integrated into the scenery. Its unspoilt nature provides travellers with stunning scenery and authentic change of scenery that will help you prepare for this adventure.

Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 2-From Ouarzazate to M’Hamid following the Drâa Valley
After breakfast, we will follow the Draa Valley which stretches for 100 km from the Atlas to the Sahara Desert. It gives rise to a real miracle of life in a desert area. Kasbahs and ksur, fortified villages built of raw earth (pebled) follow one another along the immense palm grove to the last village on the edge of the desert. In a not-so-distant time, M’hamid El Ghizlane was an oasis, a haven of peace for the nomads, the starting point for the large caravans that crossed the desert to Timbuktu.
We will welcome you to our Kasbah Aladdin inn, between palm groves and dunes, within the family Zaouia of Ali, worthy heir of his ancestor the marabout.
You will get to know the local team who will accompany you along the way.
The afternoon will be devoted to explaining our approach and the means used to achieve it.
Ali will introduce you to the mysteries of the Gnaoua culture, and in particular to the brotherhoods of musicians and their therapeutic ritual during the “lila.
Dinner, musical evening and night at the kasbah.

Day 3/4/5 “The desert is not told, it is seen. »
You will have, to discover it, 3 days of trek crossing the different desert areas of the route: dunes, regs, oases. . .

You will be accompanied by guides, nomads, camels, who, at the rhythm of their dromedary, will make you discover their tradition, their culture, their way of life.
After breakfast, about 3 hours walk in the desert
Take advantage of the stop in the shade of the tamarisk trees for an hour of exercise or meditation while your guides prepare lunch. But you can also admire their culinary know-how and even lend a hand. It will be an opportunity to learn more about their tradition and philosophy of life. Without being aware of it, the nomads are the first followers of mindfulness! They know how to live in the moment, appreciate all its facets with a sense of humour, and think little about the future.
You will walk back to the track for about 3 hours.
While your guides will take care of the camels, pitch the tents and prepare the dinner you will have a well-deserved time of rest interspersed with exercises and meditation according to your state of mind and fatigue.
After dinner, there is room for exchanges and music around the fire. Depending on the participants and their reaction the guides will know how to direct the evening around the often liberating speech or the laughter or the sharing of culture but will always end with the music and the captivating rhythms of the desert.
Then you will be able to fall asleep, head in the stars, a veritable luminous roof of the Sahara.
Already on the second day of walking you will learn, to the rhythm of the camels, to free yourself from stress, to let yourself be rocked by the nomadic songs that will make you forget the demands of modern life, to let your mind get lost in the immensity of the landscapes.

Day 5 Arrival in Chegaga
In the late afternoon, from afar you will see the great dunes of Chegaga, the largest stretch of sand dunes in Morocco, and you will be looking forward to watching the sunset on the highest of them.
You will then find and enjoy with pleasure the comfort of a mud bungalow and private shower before enjoying a typical dinner under our large Jaima.
After dinner, a music session will be organised around the fire to prepare you for the big evening the next day.

Day 6 Kasbah Aladin with special Lila evening in the Zaouia Zaouite el Batha
After breakfast you will leave by 4x4 to M’Hamid, with a stop at the Sacred Oasis and a day of relaxation, meditation in the surrounding dunes or a visit to the old M’hamid where you will be invited to enjoy a traditional tea.
Lunch and evening meals will be adapted to allow you to prepare for the experience of the purple evening, detoxifying your body with vegetable and fruit juices, which will help you to be more receptive to your emotions.
At nightfall will begin the great Lila evening in the heart of the Zaouia with the participation of a group of traditional Gnaoua musicians.

For our Western travelers with different beliefs, this night is very often experienced, in our experience, as a release. Under the influence of the chants and the haunting rhythm of the instruments, and thanks to the climate of trust and understanding that we have created throughout the week, consciousness fades and emotions are expressed without restraint, expressing themselves through laughter, tears, letting go of oneself and discovering new and unexpected sensations. 


 Day 7- Rest in M'Hamid.                                                                                                                                                                                 You will need a day of recovery to recover from your experience and prepare to return to "normal" life.


We will organize throughout the day meetings for exchange and sharing of experience and you can at any time enjoy a little more of the desert to isolate yourself and meditate. 

Ali will listen to you with kindness to answer your doubts or questions about the experiences you have gone through. You will be amazed at your "letting go" in front of him, at being able to reveal yourself in front of "a stranger". Africa has its mysteries!! 

Dinner, musical evening and night at the kasbah.


Day 8- Return to Ouarzazate or Marrakech


After breakfast you will take the road all along the palm grove and we will drop you off at the airport or at your accommodation.


yoga program

Yoga/Meditation Program of the Stay :

+12h of Yoga/Meditation distributed during the stay for a holistic accompaniment* promoting the spiritual experience in the desert:


   From Day 2 (Sunday):

At the end of the day, 1h.. before sunset: Introduction / Initiation to Meditation

  Day 3 and 4 (Monday & Tuesday):

- In the morning before breakfast (1h.., ideally 30min before sunrise):

            Morning Awakening: Example of respiratory awareness / Pranayama + Joint / glandular example + Meditation

- Before lunch: 30min Guided Meditation

- End of the day 1 hour before sunset: Ha-Tha Yoga + Guided Meditation

Day 5 (Wednesday):

- In the morning before breakfast (1h.., ideally 30min before sunrise):

            Morning Awakening: Example of respiratory awareness / Pranayama + Joint / glandular example + Guided Meditation

- Before lunch: 15min Contemplative Silent Walk + 15min Silent Meditation

- End of the day 1h.. before sunset: Progressive Relaxation + Guided Meditation.

Day 6 (Thursday):

- In the morning before breakfast (1h.., ideally 30min before sunrise):

            Morning Awakening: Example of respiratory awareness / Pranayama + Joint / glandular example + Guided Meditation

- Before lunch: 30min Guided Meditation

Day 7 (Friday):

After breakfast: Questions/Answers, exchanges and sharing circle, feedback

The Morning Awakening sessions are planned to allow a gentle awakening of the articular physical body and the stimulation of the immune system. Ha-Tha Yoga sessions offer a harmonization of the "Solar & Lunar" energy system as well as our two "right & left" cerebral hemispheres. Progressive Relaxation and Meditation sessions promote deep relaxation, emotional purification and calming of the mind.