Welcome in Southern Morocco

ali el bakkari réceptif sud marocain



 Kasbah Aladdin agency organizes stays, treks, excursions, internships and seminars in southern Morocco.

Its leader Ali el Bakkari was born in M 'Hamid el Ghizlam. He has 20 years of experience in responding to individual requests from couples, families or groups of friends.

He is a passionate man and he has a big knowledge of the desert and will make you discover the beauty of the landscapes and the inhabitants of his region, their traditions and their culture.

He owns the Kasbah Aladdin Inn in M`'Hamid and will welcome you with his team for a relaxing stay but also for magnificent encounters and exciting excursions into the nearby desert.  




 You can reach it by your own means, by car or camper van, spaces are provided for this purpose.  Otherwise Ali and his team will pick you up in Marrakech or Ouarzazate for a first discovery.


For transfers or excursions, the vehicles used by Kasbah Aladdin are recent and controlled minibuses or 4x4s.






Live in the desert... an unforgettable experience

It is to be immersed in a mineral world between the huge rocks of the mountains with the tiny grains of sand of the dunes but also to be immersed in a world of intense heat during the day and cold at night depending on the season.


Man perceives his true dimension and fragility in the midst of this immensity, this nature.

Maybe that's why the bivouacs are so wonderful. . .


Landing together in the evening around the fire is a magical moment.

We prepare the grills or the tagine, we discuss the past day, we exchange on our customs, we drink mint tea, we sing.

Then at nightfall, we lie down in the sand (weather permitting) and admire the sky. . .

A sky like we never see in our lands: the Milky Way, the galaxies, the infinity of the cosmos. . . everything is there.

At the top of our dune, without any light around us, we feel ourselves alive at the bow of our ship the Earth, this Earth that transports us into the universe at dizzying speeds.



So. . . we start dreaming!




In which season should you stay in southern Morocco?

For Marrakech and M'Hamid two seasons ago:

- March, April, May, June with average temperatures of 24, 27, 30, 34°C respectively

- September, October, November with average temperatures of 34, 29 and 24°C respectively

-July and August are to be avoided with an average temperature of 40°C and a record 48°C


For Essaouira

- May, June, July, August, September, October with average temperatures of 23, 24, 28, 30, 27 and 25°C respectively